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2005-4-13 We are Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified company!

Vajira denim
True Indigo Denim
Organic Vegetables
Organic Natural Indigo
Organic Vegetable Coating
Organic Pigment Coating
World Mix True Indigo Denim

"Blue is a product of indigo, yet is bluer than indigoitself

Splendorand marvel of the color of indigo dye, are conveyed by such words from old days of the Edo era. Color of the yarn dyed in indigo is brighter and more beautiful than the color of the indigo liquid in which the yarn was dyed in.
This proverb also praises the apprentice who made great effort to elevate himself so as to surpass his own master.
My company also learns from the teachings of the fore-fathers,and move forward each day.
1. we strive to produce a more organic denim that is gentle to the environment.
2. we strive to interfuse traditional technologies with the latest technologies, in order to develop / create new denim in response to our customers' needs.
3. we strive to offer our customers, the best products and services by means of accumulated management technologies.

With these objectives in mind, our young power is brought together, and are progressing forward each day.

President CEO Tatsushi Kuroki

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